& Values

The mission of Wealth Management Independence (WMI) is to provide editorial and training content for Financial Advisors who work in the independent channel.

As Head of Sourcing for Steward Partners, I also have the privilege of recruiting the industry's top Financial Advisors to one of the preeminent independent firms on Wall Street.

Independence is the “new beginning” for wirehouse financial advisors who have the desire to build their own firms. This empowerment fosters highly personalized branding, innovative marketing, less- restrictive compliance, and a culture that deeply values clients and those who serve them.

I hope WMI’s Advisory Services, and this website offer exceptional value to my wealth management friends and colleagues.


Paul Sullivan

Core Values


Million Dollar Financial Advisors

  • The Industry’s Top Producers
  • Deeply Experienced
  • Highly Collaborative

Process Driven Due Diligence

  • Will I grow faster?
  • Is it better for my clients?
  • Will I be happier?
  • What impact will it have on my net worth — now and in the future?

Rigorous Honesty

  • High Integrity Dialogue
  • No Salesmanship
  • No Questions Off-Limits