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Feb 08, 2022

Graduating Senior

Are you a second semester senior with Wall Street aspirations upon graduation? If so, congratulations. You are entering the workforce ripe for the taking. Your competition is a cohort of thirty year olds who’ve changed jobs three times, dress casually, ignore personal grooming, and care more about working from home than showing up at the office. They’re woke and use phrases like “safe space.”

It won’t be hard to eat their lunch. Start with the obvious: dress professionally, shave, and show up at the office daily. Oh, if you really want to stand out, work 10 hours a day. That will blow the minds of the Managing Directors on your floor! In 18 months, you’ll have 75% of the institutional knowledge of the 30-year-old supervisor who’s a Vice President with an unoccupied interior office (because he works from home). And, by the way, when he does come into the office, he wears a slightly wrinkled button-down shirt, chinos and loafers. Your well-tailored pinstripe suit compared to his LL Bean weekend attire puts you in a different league!

Good news… sports betting is now legal in NYC! The odds are 2:1 the 30-year-old will be working for the 24-year-old within a year.

PS For the record, business casual dress is different from casual dress. The cost differential is minimal, but the impact is substantial. Finally, working from home one day a week is likely to become the new normal, but anything more will hinder your upward mobility, and rightly so.

Paul Sullivan
Founder and Managing Partner
Wealth Management Independence